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The Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. In recent years legions of southerners from New South Wales down to Victoria have migrated towards a better climate, lifestyle, and a more affordable home for their children on the Sunshine Coast. This place has become a hot cognition of surf, bikinis, beer and family. We must then discourage the encouragement of the air conditioned box as a solution. How does a small design team accomplish such a feat? With the digital age being so relevant and the fight for visibility being so prevalent? We made a book of design principles encouraging what we all value.

 The brief was to create a design bible to inspire architects, builders and developers on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. To cohesively connect this demographic towards a common goal of design excellence on the Sunshine Coast. In conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Place Making Team, 4 core coastal values were identified and 10 design principles were developed to define good design practices. These were subsequently defined and illustrated in our book to guide good design for the entire region. The Book has gone on to win an AILA Award for Research, Policy & Communications and a National Good Design Gold Award.

"The Sunshine Coast Design Strategy establishes a simple set of design principles to guide a new era of place-based decision making in a fast-growing region. Far from being a dry technical guide or a ubiquitous "vision", this work puts place and landscape at the centre of the dialogue concerning how the Sunshine Coast will grow well. The communication methods and advocacy built into this project signal an exciting new direction for landscape architects as advocates for place-led design within our communities, Australia wide." - Landscape Architecture Awards Jury Citation

We worked with the team at Cornerstone Press to deliver this incredible strategy manual. 1000 copies delivered to all key architects and developers in the region. With unlimited digital distribution via digital channels. Digital Version of the book is available here: link

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this limited release it's available from Folio BooksAnnie's Books in Peregian if you're on the Sunshine Coast.

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