Established in 1921, L’Officiel is France’s longest standing fashion magazine. With a heritage traversing across two centuries, L’Officiel de la Couture et de la Mode, started as ‘The Official’ source for the Parisian haute couture industry. In July 2014 a long time colleague and friend approached Andrew Maccoll of Saturate to take on the role of Head of Design and Principal photographer for the launch edition of L'Officiel Australia. This involved creatively re-designing French magazine templates for the Australian demographic and liaising with the Paris & Milan teams to ensure brand unity.

Working with French guidelines, typography, and layout and yet innovating the editorial visual language for the Australian landscape was no small task.

Whilst designing the Australian version of the magazine Andrew also took the lead role on the "L'Officiel Australia" logo redesign as well as the feature "'O". Additionally, Andrew was also Principal Photographer creatively directing and capturing multiple editorial spreads. Some of these highly creative shoots led successfully to being commissioned for larger scale projects by West Side Place and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. To be part of the International expansion of such a prestige publication was a fascinating experience.