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Working with a brand with a Legacy such as Dior is perhaps most emerging designers dreams. For us having worked in couture and high fashion for so long it was still a profound moment. Dior sent  a book of sketches by Monsieur Dior himself to create inspired artwork showcasing the brands latest jewellery mastery "Archi Dior".

"Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness." - Christian Dior

All the pieces of the collection had been inspired by these sketches. We felt they appeared so beautifully similar that we could work them together to form an entirely new artwork. Given the task at hand and the delicacy necessary to handle the sketches of a true master, we were quite awe inspired. Once the sketches were brought into a harmonious group we used one of our personal couture images as a backdrop (yellow gown inset). Dior was thrilled with the result and the piece was also featured as a double page spread in the Australian edition of French publication "L'Officiel".

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