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"Receiving an email from NBC Universal at Rockefeller Place in New York is always a welcome one. We oddly ignored it as spam for a day or two. Upon re-reading it and seeing it was actually the real deal and we were thrilled. We have, since time began, wondered why we are here and what reality actually is... At times in the past, the normal world was almost peripheral to my journey of self-discovery. From early childhood, we have been inducted me into Science Fiction movies. We became hooked.

"2001 A Space Odyssey" was a landmark cinematic moment for me.

2001 was a collaboration with Stanley Kubrik and Arthur C. Clarke who is one of our heroes.  NBC approached us to capture the cast portraits for the mini-series "Childhood's End" a screen adaption of the book written by Arthur C. Clarke. We put every resource we had into it being a legacy shoot. We were also asked to also design the set for the portraits.

We decided to go with a design paying homage to the monoliths that feature so heavily in 2001. The cornice pieces representing the elegant room that character Dr Dave Bowman finds himself in. This felt a fitting approach to join the Arthur C. Clarke legacy into this new mini-series adaptation of another of his books.