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"Receiving an email from NBC Universal at Rockefeller Place in New York is always a welcome one. We oddly ignored it as spam for a day or two. Upon re-reading it and seeing it was actually the real deal and we were thrilled. We have, since time began, wondered why we are here and what reality actually is...

"2001 A Space Odyssey" was a landmark cinematic moment for us

2001 was a collaboration with Stanley Kubrik and Arthur C. Clarke who is one of our heroes.  NBC approached us to capture the cast portraits for the mini-series "Childhood's End" a screen adaption of the book written by Arthur C. Clarke. We put every resource we had into it being a legacy shoot. We were also asked to also design the set for the portraits.

We decided to go with a design paying homage to the monoliths that feature so heavily in 2001. The cornice pieces representing the elegant room that character Dr Dave Bowman finds himself in. This felt a fitting approach to join the Arthur C. Clarke legacy into this new mini-series adaptation of another of his books.

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