Kristian Flindt Hawker

Pottery Painting Drawing

Kristian Flindt Hawker

Our team at Saturate have a deep reverence for the art of creation. We feel a connected, intuitive lifeline to art and those that partake in the practice. It's our goal through this new artist series to uncover what it means to be an artist. Why creative people choose to follow the artists way. Why some hold to a desire so strong it's impossible not to make it manifest. Be it any medium or form from traditional practice to architecture, the art of food preparation, the art of living, we intend to uncover what it means to make a life from the art of creation.

For the first film in our series we have chosen to launch with the very talented Kristian Flindt Hawker. An Australian artist starting to make waves from his studio in the heart of Noosa, Qld. Kristian truly understands the way of self expression through art. He's on the path. He's putting in the time. In our minds a deep commitment to honouring your hearts journey is the only choice. We believe Kristian shares that agreement to self.

Kristian was trained by some of the most talented artists in Australian pottery. His practice extends across mixed mediums including pottery, painting and drawing. His work has recently been acquired by the esteemed NoMad Hotel in London. His work will feature in the hotel which is located in the luxurious Covent Garden area.

When he's not working on his artistic practice Kristian runs a pottery studio called "Clay" which provides a range of classes in wheel throwing and hand building for any skill level. You can find out more about Clay by visiting their website or following them on instagram here @claynoosa and make sure you also follow @kristianhawker

The film was all shot in one room within the space of a couple of hours. The aim to focus on the real story and dive deep into Kristian's world. Our crew consisted of Director Andrew Maccoll, Assistant Director Jim Smith and Production Assistant Finley Maccoll.

We hope you enjoy Kristian's film below.

Behind the scenes

We work with a spirit of compassion, empathy and deep connection to our subjects to tell emotive, real stories.

These behind the scenes images were captured by Saturate photographer Jim Smith

Download our full photo shoot of high resolution photography of Kristian Flindt Hawker by Saturate photographers Andrew Maccoll & Jim Smith If you'd like to use these images please credit for Instagram posts or for all other links.



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