One day we were listening to some of our favourite music. An album series called "Elysian Vibes". There was one particular track on the 4th edition of this series called "Drift" by "Amanaska". The haunting vocals entranced us. So much so that we contacted the artist to find out if there was a record of the lyrics as it was sung in Arabic.

Simon Lewis aka Amanaska responded promptly. We met for coffee. You know when you meet someone and it feels as though you've known them longer than a lifetime. That's when you can know that you have found your tribe.

Simon and I decided to shoot and design his next album artwork.

There's a little known Salt Lake on the outskirts of Melbourne. At the time we were heavily experimenting with astrophotography. Is anyone not fascinated by the stars? We decided to incorporate this into the artwork and chose a day to night shoot. Inspired by the shoot we created the designs whilst listening heavily to Simon's album. Music always opens up avenues to explore creativity. Being intuitive creators we usually go with the flow and in this case, it led us to develop packaging that was as expansive inside as it was outside. Spatial awareness is difficult when working with a 2D format. However, with appropriate grading and use of positive or negative space, you can discover visual territories previously unknown.