Sunshine Coast Design Strategy

Guiding an entire region

We're super proud to announce the launch of the Sunshine Coast Design book! Our design studio is working as an extension of the Sunshine Coast Councils Place Making Team to bring this beautiful ongoing project to fruition. Providing the Sunshine Coast Council with our full team to design the art book and provide its tone of voice and a large portion of its photography.

If you'd like to grab yourself a copy the digital version of the book is available here. With a more information also here if you'd like a hard copy. We'll be bringing an extensive case study to our website very soon so check back this month to view the entire behind the scenes process all the way through to the final delivery. Many thanks to Sarah Chalkey, Chris Hodgson, Erin Johnston and Candace Marshall from the Sunshine Coast Council. Further thanks to our core team Andre Eberle, Ryan Shelton, Kristy Weller, Ludivine Vetter and Andrew Maccoll.

To quote Chris Hodgson - "A wild road... A bright book".


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