We crash Dear Doonans epic jam session.

Their vibe... It's an experience.

Occasionally we get to witness poetry in motion. Those youthful souls that miss the days when they revelled in loud noise, beer and carpets that have deep levels of fragrant tobacco will understand what it's like to truly be behind the scenes with the band of the moment. Dear Doonan are going from strength to strength playing shows from Brisbane to Byron in their take over of the Australian underground music scene. Who would have thought a local band from Noosa would have such sway? And yet... we ponder, why is it so that this small town of ours is filled with so much talent. I guess it's whatever they are putting in the water. Cheers to that! Check out Dear Doonan where you can. Regularly seen at Thomas Surfboards parties in Noosa or gigging from here to Byron Bay. Very soon we'll also be directing a music video for the band. So stay tuned for that. Photography by Andy & Warwick.


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